Religion and Human Rights

The goals and mission of AFCI Houston is to reduce rejection among LGBTQ+ youth by educating families.  We believe basic human rights include a loving and nurturing environment in which to grow and develop.  Every child deserves to be loved and accepted, even if not yet understood.

While AFCI Houston does not attempt to present religious theology, interpretations, or translating concerns with religious texts, it is recognized that theology, interpretations, and translations have changed in the past when scientific knowledge and human understandings changed.  Specific examples include changes in theology, interpretations and translations relating to: Earth is flat, Earth is the center of the universe, left-handedness, slavery, the rights of women, and interracial marriages.

The Science of Sexual Orientation teaches us that sexual orientation is not chosen and that it is determined during fetus development.  One can conclude then that LGBTQ+ youth [people] should be loved and accepted, being that their orientation was not a choice.  A gay child should not be mistreated, made to feel less than, or forced out of their home, just as a child would not be forced out due to other factors such as eye color.

It is believed that in the future, religious theology, interpretations, and translations in regard to sexual orientation will be reevaluated to align with scientific knowledge and human understandings just as the religion-based argument for geocentricism changed in the church.

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