This myth carries a lot of weight.  The element of choice is kept alive and blame is imposed on LGBTQ+ people for being who they are. They are told they are either choosing to be LGBTQ+ or they are choosing to live the “lifestyle.”

  • People have a choice when it comes to sexual orientation, you can be something different than what you are.
  • LGBTQ+ people are consciously deciding their sexual orientation
  • Being LGBTQ+ is not a good choice.
  • Research on sexual orientation points to genes, hormones, and brain anatomy.
  • Sexual orientation is likely determined prenatally.
  • If sexual orientation is a choice then people also choose to be heterosexual.

The Science of Sexual Orientation

Myth #1 : Being LGBTQ+ is a choice.

Myth #2: Transgender people are confused or tricking others.

Myth #3: Gay people can change.

Myth #4: Gay men molest children.

Myth #5: The bathroom threat is real.

Myth #6: Same sex parents harm children.

Myth #7: Being LGBTQ+ is a mental disorder.

Myth #8: People can be turned gay.

Myth #9: Children are too young to know.